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Loving Wilder

Meet Charlotte/cara

Charlotte enjoys music. She is considered a prodigy pianist and virtuoso. Charlotte is world renowned and has sold out concert halls all over the world, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

Problem is, she's no longer Charlotte, she's now Cara and hiding in the remote town of Wilder, Texas.
And instead of being wildly famous, playing for monarchs and celebrities and taking a bow to huge audiences, she's now  a wildly unpopular band nerd. 

While her older sisters are saving orphaned children and fighting drug cartel bosses, she's largely ignored. But she's about to find out just how much her sisters have sacrificed for her, and how ill-prepared she is when getting a taste of what they suffered.

The final book of the 3-part Wilder series...


About Lēigh

Ex-Corporate Executive who dreamed of writing the types of books my girlfriends wanted to read. 

That's me in a nutshell.

But, let's expound on that for the sake of website protocol.

Raised on a midwestern dairy farm in Indiana, not far from where I attended college, I soon found myself working and thriving in corporate America and traveling the world.

Along the way I became a mother of five (gave birth to two but gladly claim them all).

I am highly opinionated, curse like a sailor, but love with all my heart. Which leads me to my muse and husband, and with whom I'm having a torrid affair. He is the bomb, and why I believe in the magic of romance.

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Living Wilder

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. Add in an irreverent math prodigy with deadly combat skills and an upbringing devoid of normal life experiences, and that line’s going to get more than blurred, it’s going to get obliterated.

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Beyond Wilder

Mercy woke up one day to find she was an artist.  

Soon, she was able to paint near replica's of world renowned masterpieces. A gift that brought her unbridled joy and indescribable pain.

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